On Demand Smart Logistics Platform In Bangladesh

BMS is a technology-driven one stop logistics &  rental  platform where vendor & customer can meet their desired rental service at bidding price through mobile apps. Precise client can engage and contact through our website and social media platforms. BMS is working on various logistics &  rent services especially on road and water transport, equipment, venue, event transport and instrument rent.  People can now manage their entire rental requirements optimally with our comprehensive range of services, and fast and reliable support at every step. Customers can book rent service from us and vendors can now get customers easily without any hassle. BMS  taking the initiative to make things easy and convenient by digitizing all the manual processes integrated in the industry. Our country has an immense demand for rental services as most of the countrymen in our country classified under lower to middle income earner. The advancement of new technologies and opportunities have enabled the increase in demand for rental services today. Seeing this enormous demand, a vast number of people will involve into the rental service business like us.

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