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Treilor rent services from BMS Rental


Treilor rent services from BMS Rental Homes, offices or factories – Treilor are needed at any time for moving, loading-unloading or transporting goods. Rent any size Treilor at 10% less rate from market price. We offer you one stop rental solution. Our services and benefit:

  • You can rent a Treilor of any size, big or small, from Dhaka to all over Bangladesh from BMS Rental.
  • You can rent Treilor of 20 to 40 feet or more from our vast rental service.
  • Rent a Treilor for a corporate organization or event.
  • Rent of Treilor according to the measurement of goods in ton or CVM method.
  • This is the first time in Bangladesh, BMS Rental offers the opportunity to rent a Treilor at bidding price on daily, weekly or monthly contract.
  • Professional service, 100% security and timely delivery of goods.
  • 24/7 customer service facilities are available.
  • Call us at out hotline number: 09666-700-722, 01821-788-498, 01842-390-931, 01622-420-013
  • Our App from Google Play store:

So why are you late? Contact us today for professional service.


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