Frequently Asked Questions

What is BMS?

BMS stands for Binary Motion Service. BMS Rental is a technology-driven service platform where vendor & customer can meet their desired rental service at bidding price through mobile apps. Precise client can engage and contact through our website and social media platforms.

What is BMS Rental Services & Service Area?

BMS Rental is working on various rent services especially on road and water transport, equipment, venue, event transport and instrument rent.

How BMS mobile apps it adds value to customer?

BMS Rental has introduced apps that act like the bridge connecting the customers and vendors. People can now manage their entire rental requirements optimally with our comprehensive range of services, and fast and reliable support at every step. Customers can book rent service from us and vendors can now get customers easily without any hassle.

What is “Bidding System” at the vendor end?

BMS has introduced rental service at bidding price through mobile apps. One vendor can bid on specific rent requirement through apps and the minimum bid will get the workorder from us. This digital system has brought an extra layer of transparency.

How BMS increases employment opportunity?

BMS Rental taking the initiative to make things easy and convenient by digitizing all the manual processes integrated in the industry. Our country has an immense demand for rental services as most of the countrymen in our country classified under lower to middle income earner. The advancement of new technologies and opportunities have enabled the increase in demand for rental services today. Seeing this enormous demand, a vast number of people will involve into the rental service business like us.

How BMS make community involvement & development?

BMS Rental is offering to find desired rental service at a competitive price so that businesses can save their time and money. With the traditional method of contacting rental vendors in the market, there is no guarantee that the delivery of goods & services would be delivered on time, resulting in customer dissatisfaction. This process can ease the problems associated with rental hassle between the two ends. This process will increase the involvement of the customers and vendors by the time.

How to rent your service?

BMS Rental now brings you the “BMS Rental Partner” apps so that you can know the details of your trip in a transparent and hassle-free manner and bid at your convenient rates. Once the bid is completed, you will be able to complete your trip after the message reaches you. You can make query through our hotline number and Facebook message also. Bid today to give as many trips as you like.

Install now to get the trip:

BMS Partner App

How to take rent service from BMS Rental?

Dear Customer, now you can get rent-a-car service from Apps at a comparative price! Install the “BMS Rental” app from the Google Play Store to rent a car anytime anywhere and enjoy this first rental car service at the best bidding price in Bangladesh. You can make query through our hotline number and Facebook message also Install now to get the car at the best bidding price:

How to Install Apps?

You can install our apps from Google play store. At first, you go to Google play store. Search for BMS Rental in the search box. You will get 2 apps named “BMS Rental” and “BMS Rental Partner”. If you want to get rent service from BMS, you’ll download the first one and if you want to give your rent services then download the second one “BMS Rental partner”. Both will take several seconds to download from Google play store. Make your profile there.

How to register?

To register your profile in the apps first you would install the app then you have to provide your name, email id and mobile number. For “BMS Rental Partner” app you need to provide your name, email id, mobile number and service details that you want to give rent. You can check out our register process elaborately from our video section. Video is available in our YouTube and website video section.

How to Bid?

To offer your desired rental service you need to bid for ensuring better and efficient service at a competitive rate. Thus, customer can enjoy minimum rate compare to other companies in the market. When a requirement is posted in the apps, you’ll get the notification. If you want to provide the rent service you will have to bid. Minimum bid will get the requirement. Once the bid is completed, you will be able to complete your trip after the message reaches you.